Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Minimum Order Amount?
There are no minimum purchase requirements to place an order with E9™. However, there are minimum freight charges per shipment. Shipping rates depend on size of the pallet and the destination.

Does E9™ Drop Ship? 
E9™ can drop ship to any address within Canada. However,  we do not provide full home delivery service where the goods are unwrapped and placed inside the customer's home.   Residential deliveries generally incur an additional $85 delivery fee. Many large and heavy items are delivered by our Standard Truck Delivery service. These items will be shipped on a pallet by a motor freight carrier and will be placed by the driver on the driveway of your home or entryway of your apartment building. A delivery agent will call you to schedule your delivery.

What Are the Normal Shipping Charges? 
LTL Shipments (Common Carrier)
Our standard freight rates are based on a % percentage of the invoice value that varies for each city. There is a minimum freight charge per skid that varies depending on the shipping destination.

What Is the Lead-Time to Fulfill My Order? 
E9™ will normally ship within 10-12 business days. Although we strive to maintain minimum stock levels of our items, we cannot guarantee stock availability in the event of unexpected large volume orders. Please check stock availability and ETA on our Catalog prior to ordering.

What is the E9™ Return Policy? 
E9™ prides itself in manufacturing its products under stringent controls with durable qualities to ensure customers' satisfaction. All product returns must be approved in writing and are subject to a 20% restocking fee plus freight charges. Return freight costs must be prepaid. Please contact E9™ if you are not satisfied with your order.

Can E9™ manufacture cushions using C.O.M. (Customer's Own Material)? 
Yes, E9™ provides the C.O.M. yardage required for each item. Please see the Catalog page for more information.

Does E9™ Have a Showroom?
E9™ does not have a showroom. Our distribution warehouse is in Richmond, B.C.

Can I Place My E9™ Furniture Outdoors? 
Yes, our outdoor furniture however is made 100% of synthetic wicker, aluminium framework, and teakwood. All our outdoor furniture is manufactured to the highest standards with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty against defects and fading.

I am using water repellent fabrics for my cushions. Why should I still use reticulated foam?
Even water repellent fabrics cannot prevent moisture and humidity from penetrating the fabrics after a certain period of time. When moisture builds up inside the conventional indoor-use foam, it will still eventually get wet, heavy and form a foul odour.

How long do I have to wait before my cushions dry after sitting out in the rain?
Reticulated foam will dry almost immediately. However, if it is covered with a non-woven polyester fibre with lining, it might take up to 2 hours to dry completely depending on the climate conditions and the thickness of the cushion. One way to drain the water quickly is to tip the cushion on its' zipper end and allow the water to filter down and drain thoroughly. This will shorten the time required to dry out your cushions.